• "The staff is kind and puts in a lot of effort to instruct the students. They work individually with students to make sure they are learning properly." - E.D. (Pre-Professional Division Parent)
  • "Outstanding learning environment that promotes growth." - K.P (Pre-Professional Division Parent)
  • "Strongest ballet/dance instruction in the northwest suburbs!" - A.B. (Pre-Professional Division Parent)
  • "I am able to grow each day with a vast variety of dance.  From Learning classical technique to contemporary movement.  The teachers help me grow as a dancer, and the students help me grow as a person.  I look forward to coming here everyday to learn and to enjoy the world of dance." - F.M. (Pre-Professional Division Student)


  • "Dedicated, qualified instructors. Makes learning fun for little kids, and I feel our little one is learning ballet, not just having fun." - S.N. (Pre Academy Division Parent)


  • "I enjoy the Summer Intensives here, because I get to learn more about dance with teachers I might not usually have.  They teach me the diversity of classical and contemporary styles of dance.  Also it gives me a chance to stay active in dance during the summer months." - F.M. (Summer Intensive Student)