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 IDC Pre-Professional Day Program   

The Premier Training Program for Serious Dancers with Flexible Schedules

The IDC Pre-Pro Day Program (PPDP) is designed for professionally-minded Senior Level dancers ages 10 – 21.

Students that are home schooled, have alternative academic schedules, or are high school graduates engage in intensive training 2 - 4.5 hours per day up to 5 days a week. In addition to classes, students can also participate in performance opportunities.


The full schedule of training includes ballet technique, pointe, variations, character, modern, contemporary, and repertoire, and includes exposure to additional dance styles taught by guest teachers. Private coaching by the studio Director or other IDC staff is available on Fridays.

The IDC Day Program develops the serious ballet student to the professional industry’s standard of excellence, enabling them to pursue college dance scholarships or acceptance as a 2nd Company member in a professional dance company. 

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